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Here Comes the Train (CD)


Here comes the train

Stone Fence Theatre has produced a recording of the songs from the smash hit Here Comes the Train! The Ottawa Valley Railway Story.

The CD is available at shows throughout the season, as well as at the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario. Or order a copy now. 

The recording was funded in part by pledges that folks made at the end of last season. Thank you to everyone who made a pledge.

Track List:

Here Comes the Train
Train Orders
I'm a Section Man
Got that Train on my Brain
Hand on the Throttle
Twelve Tons of Coal
A Brakeman's Life
Grass Widow
Billing's Hotel
In a Station in the Pine
The Dear Ol' K&P
The Great Train Robbery
The Boarding House of Death
The Family of Railroaders

Order by clicking the link or call 613-628-6600 or Toll Free: 1-866-310-1004 or email