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Stone Fence Theatre hosts new play reading with guest Robert Winslow of 4th Line Theatre

One of Canada’s leading theatre artists, Robert Winslow, the Founder and Creative Director of 4th Line Theatre will be visiting the area to attend a play reading of Stone Fence Theatre’s new musical Here Comes the Train! The Ottawa Valley Railway Story, written by Ish Theilheimer. Following the organization's Annual General Meeting on Saturday, February 21st at Killaloe Public School, the cast will present a table read of the new show with Mr. Winslow giving feedback based on his extensive experience in writing and developing new plays. 
Mr. Winslow has been involved in theatre for over 30 years as playwright, actor, director and artistic director. Through his own unique play development process he has developed and premiered the work of some of Canada’s finest playwrights, in addition to the 15 plays he has written or co-written for 4th Line Theatre.He also teaches a theatre workshop course in the Cultural Studies Department at Trent University.
Mr. Winslow oversees all of 4th Line’s artistic activity including the company’s new play program. Currently half a dozen new play projects are in development involving several professional playwrights. 
For over 20 years 4th Line Theatre has been committed to the development and presentation of original Canadian theatre at the Winslow Farm in Millbrook, Ontario.  Idyllic, rural, and quintessentially Canadian, 4th Line Theatre presents Canadian plays, written by and about Canadians, from small town stories to broad national sagas.  The plays presented at 4th Line Theatre explore regional themes, history, and heritage in a politically responsible and culturally sensitive manner.  The award-winning company is a unique staple in the Canadian summer theatre circuit, presenting plays rooted in local history and inspired by the rural landscape upon which they are staged. 
Since 2003, Stone Fence Theatre has been putting original shows by Ottawa Valley people about Ottawa Valley life, history and heritage onstage so this partnership with Mr. Winslow from/and 4th Line Theatre is a natural fit. “We are thrilled to be hosting Rob, who has been following the work that we are doing here at Stone Fence since we formed our company. His advice has often been very useful to us. I know that his expertise and advice will help us take this show to the next level.” said playwright and producer Ish Theilheimer.
Here Comes the Train! includes 15 new songs, many in bluegrass style, and goes behind the scenes to look at the lives of railway people in the Steam Era, the impact railways had on their communities and the impact of their loss. The show is based on the first-hand experiences of some of the last of the Ottawa Valley railway workers from that era.
At the Annual General Meeting, which begins at 1:00 p.m. with a performance of one of the new songs from Here Comes the Train!, members of the association will elect a new Board of Directors and hear reports on the 2014 season. A reception followed by the play reading will begin at approximately 1:30 p.m.
All are invited to attend.