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Stone Fence Theatre auditioning for new production in 2023

RANKIN: Stone Fence Theatre is putting out a casting call and holding auditions for its next show, a new musical by Ish Theilheimer called Conspiracy Conniptions. The show requires about a dozen actors and opens in July for approximately 15 performances in summer and fall in Rankin and other local communities.

The show will require strong singers, as most of the music in it is based on gospel style, requiring close harmonies and precise arrangements, says Theilheimer. "We were delighted with all the new people we put on our stage this year," he says, "The Tom Thomson show was musically and dramatically very demanding. This show will have new demands, and we can really use new people to add to our fantastic team."

The show's director and choreographer, again, will be Chantal Elie-Sernoskie, who has been with the company since 2011.

"The show is about subjects that come directly from your daily newsfeed," says Theilheimer. "It will be challenging for the performers and audience but fun too." We need people who really want to do theatre and can commit to 30 or more rehearsals and up to 15 shows next year." Every performer gets an honorium that helps cover the cost of participating.

Those who want to audition should send an email to with a photo and personal information, including age, acting and musical experience, address, phone, email, and, in the case of youth, contact information for their parents.