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New launch this year

The Stone Fence Post, June 18 - New launch this year

G'day, Stone Fence Theatre fans,

We've several news items to share today:
1) Dress rehearsal with audience
2) Opening night talk-back session
3) Valley Vic's radio spot for I Come from the Valley!
4) Helferty's to join the August 7 Jubilee with Gail and Louis
5) Looking for storage space - and volunteers

Here's the story:
1) Dress rehearsal with audience. Here's something new we're trying this year. The final dress rehearsal will be open to the public, by donations. This will be a really great way for our amazing cast and crew to refine their moves in front of an audience. It will also be an opportunity for those who don't want supper, or those on a tight budget, to attend. This year, all shows will be designated either supper shows or non-supper shows.

2) Opening night talk-back session. Another new thing this year is that on opening night, July 12, we are planning a short talk-back session in which audience members can talk with the cast and crew about the show and ask questions. These kinds of session are a lot of fun and will give you some of the back-story to our show.

3) Valley Vic's radio spot for I Come from the Valley! Enjoy our new promo, voiced by Valley Vic, and produced by our technical whiz Terry Mask, with music by the I Come from the Valley! crew.

4) Helferty's to join the August 7 Jubilee with Gail and Louis. You'll be as excited as we are that the Helferty Family will be joining Gail Gavan and Louis Schryer onstage in Rankin for the Ottawa Valley Jubilee on August 7. Mother Joan, Father LJ and their children Christine, Catherine, Rachel, Mollie and the recently-ordained Father Stephen have graced our stage many times. We are so excited about getting them up again and so is Gail.

5) Looking for storage space - and volunteers. Last week, Stone Fence Theatre had to clear out of its donated storage space and move a whole lot of costumes and other things into a rental storage unit. We actually have materials stored in several other locations too. The collection never seems to shrink! If you have storage space you can offer, please let us know. And, as ever, we're eager to hear from potential volunteers to help out at our shows. It's fun, and our company relies on its volunteers.