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Stone Fence Theatre Tickets

Party with Manacanabo

July 23 2019 - 7:30pm

We bring you some very different traditional music in this year's Stone Fence Theatre summer concert. Two years ago, our producer Ish Theilheimer met Manacanabo - a band specializing in traditional Cuban music while on tour of southern Cuba. One thing led to another, friendships were formed, and now, Manacanabo is coming for a July tour of the Ottawa Valley, including a gala July 23 concert in Rankin, featuring free salsa dance lessons and fun with some very cool Cubans!

The Stone Fence Theatre Showband - Fine as Binder Twine

The Stone Fence Theatre Showband is being launched in 2019 to help the company reach out and travel to communities around the Valley. This year the Showband performs Fine as Binder Twine, a show full of comedy, fun, great music and memories of shows from the company's 15 years of existence.

If you loved "The Train," "Hippies Up the Line!," "The Heart Institute," "Say Moo!," Joan Finnigan, Mac Beattie and other past shows, you'll love this one.