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Support Valley culture and heritage as a Stone Fence Theatre Patron


Since 2003, Stone Fence Theatre has been telling the Ottawa Valley's stories and putting the Valley's best talent onstage to do it. We have brought thousands of people to the area and given exposure and experience to dozens of talented youth and other artists. The company has enjoyed tremendous support from local audiences, businesses and donors. We are looking to build the company and cultivate a new generation of talent.

To do so, Stone Fence Theatre is asking loyal supporters to identify as Patrons. Patrons are people who donate to the company because they believe in it. To acknowledge their support, Stone Fence Theatre gives Patrons charitable tax receipts and recognition.

Your support, as a Patron, enables our development. We produce an enormous amount of original material and provide a showcase for some of the Valley's top talent. 

Our company is unique in many ways. One is that we rely almost entirely on local small business and audience support. While we had a few public grants in early years, we find local support more solid and reliable. At the same time, we try to keep ticket prices affordable for people. By making a one time or annual donation, you will help ensure that Stone Fence Theatre can continue to tell the Ottawa Valley's stories, develop its talent, and establish a reputation for the area as a destination. A lot of people work year-round to make the miracle of Stone Fence Theatre a reality. Your support as a Patron will make a big difference!           

You will be recognized and thanked in the show program for your gift, as well as receiving acharitable tax receipt for the full amount of your donation.

How to Donate

Click on the link above to donate or call 613-401-1497 or 1-866-310-1004 to donate by credit card.
Or donate by mail to 
PO Box 184, Killaloe, ON KOJ 2AO. Please make cheques payable to ‘Stone Fence Theatre’.

Help the muchachos from Manacanabo recover their expenses!

Members of the Cuban band Manacanabo, which was planning to come to Canada o perform for Stone Fence Theatre in venues across the Ottawa Valley in July, 2019, spent several months' wages apiece - about $1000 US, altogether - in their unsuccessful effort to obtain Canadian visas.