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Past Shows

Valley Vic and the Christmas Temptations

What happens when a Motown-style girl group is dispatched from Hell to ruin Christmas in the Ottawa Valley as they've done elsewhere? What happens when the first person they encounter in their mission is Valley Vic, Stone Fence Theatre's iconic symbol of all things good about old-time Valley life? What happens when Vic's daughter, Alice, gets wind of what's going on?

Here Comes the Train! The Ottawa Valley Railway Story

Stone Fence Theatre's new musical Here Comes the Train! The Ottawa Valley Railway Story, by Ish Theilheimer, goes behind the scenes to look at the lives of railway people in the Steam Era, the impact railways had on their communities and the impact of their loss.

G'day, We're from the Valley, EH!

What do elk, curling, hockey, childcare and smartphones have in common? They're all part of modern life in the Ottawa Valley today. And they are among G'day We're from the Valley EH! the subjects of comic commentary in G'day, We're from the Valley, EH!, an all-new musical comedy from Stone Fence Theatre.