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Derek Tolhurst

Derek started playing bass on the circuit in London, England during the fabulous ‘60s (Del-Fi's, Fairlanes, Impacts). He moved to Ottawa in late 1967 and played in the Frank Grammon Orchestra – and did many pick-up gigs with travelling blues players. He was co-writer and performer with the Canadian Rock Opera Company Maple Ridge (Louis Riel) that toured Quebec and Ontario in the early ‘70s. After moving to the Valley to teach high school in 1976, he worked with Sundance for almost six years (Derek may have played at your wedding). Lately he’s worked with the Willet Brothers Band, Fran Band, Cari on Band and Blue Dominoes. This is Derek’s third production and his first big acting role with Stone Fence Theatre. He loves the challenge of the theatre and is very happy to be back.