Stone Fence Theatre is producing two hilarious new comedies in 2016


By Mark Crawford, Directed by Chantal Elie-Sernoskie

Stag and DoeBonnie and Brad are having a Stag and Doe to pay for their upcoming wedding.  Dee, their Maid of Honour, is still getting over being left at the altar.  Mandy and Rob are getting married, even though their wedding tent blew away in last night's storm.  And Jay just found out his entire catering staff is in jail.  It's all happening at the same time, in the same community hall kitchen, in the same small town.  Stag and Doe offers a laugh-filled look at a distinctly rural Canadian prenuptial tradition ... and shines a light on love, marriage, and weddings.

This play opened at the Blyth Festival in 2014 and has won hearts last year in rural theatres across Canada. Audiences love its heart, its sense of being grounded in rural Ontario life, and the fact they never stop laughing throughout the show!

Stag and Doe features an energetic young cast, including newcomers to Stone Fence Theatre Danielle Bissonnette, Melissa Lindsay, and Kelley Oliver, as well as returning veterans Joshua McCoy and Stephanie Pinkerton, Chris Hoffman, and Phil Hoffman, with MC Valley Vic, and traditional pre-show music by Ish Theilheimer, Jim Beattie and friends.

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And kicking off a tour in October...

By Ish Theilheimer, Directed by Chantal Elie-Sernoskie

High Times at the Heart InstituteAging Boomers come to terms with mortality and come to appreciate the wonders of Canada's health system in a musical comedy involving heart patients Bobby and Wendy - two aging rock and rollers and exes - Arthur, a left-wing cynic and Maggie, a Tea Party American whose HMO leaves her high and dry, as well as Toni, a stressed-out and overworked nurse. Wendy uses a secret from her old hippie days to save the day.

Inspired by Ish’s own personal experience as a patient at the Heart Institute, this comedy musical will be presented as a series of fundraisers for local hospitals and foundations. 

The cast of Stone Fence regulars includes John Haslam, Fran Pinkerton, Peter Brown (also on keys), Lesley Sneddon and Shirley Hill. Derek Tollhurst plays bass and Evan Burgess plays guitar in the show.

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